My Heart Belongs To A Exotic

I Share My Life with a Exotic Cat.
A Beauty of a Breed
An Aristro Cratic Feline,
And A Loyal Friend Indeed.
Most Prized Of All The Pedigree,
A Royal Cat They Say
Extremely Easy-Going,
The Sunshine Of Each Day.
Sharing Play Together,
Or Resting at my Feet
My Precious Companion
Makes My Life Complete.
My name is Nanette and I'm a small cageless cattery in
Michigan. I have been a registered breeder with CFA since 1979.
I'm a very clean cattery with no ringworm, flea's, or ear mite's. I breed
for standard and like the bi-colors. I like my kittens to go to homes
that love their kittens like a member of there family. I don't  just want
them to be another cat in a cattery.I hope you in enjoy my website as
much as I did making it.

Bloodlines: Ladiluck, PauPau Angles, Ca,ivan,Latin Lover,
Spellbound, D'Eden Lover,Santa-Fe, Parti Wai, Desmin,
Jerba Nicol's,Heida,Panie,Cat-A-Poltz,Vita-Nova.

For more information please feel free to call: